858A3 Heavy duty manual paper cutter A3 for cutting paper



858A3 Heavy duty manual paper cutter A3 for cutting paper
Product Description
SIGO 858A3 Stack Guillotine Cutters are able to slice through 400 sheets (1.5″ thick) in one pass. The built-in heavy-duty clamp puts even pressure across the entire cut area to eliminate paper shift and drag. This model features a 17″ cut length from front to back, large enough to cut posters and larger books.
SG-858A4 12″ paper cutter
SG-858A3 17″ paper cutter
Cutting size
Cutting thickness
Push/Press paper
Manual by handle
Protect plastic cover on front table

1).SIGO 858A3 17″ Guillotine Paper Cutter is a commercial grade trimmer capable of cutting up to 400 sheets in a single pass. Easily create half page flyers and save on paper.
2).With an adjustable paper clamp. you are sure to get precise cuts every time as the razor harp blade cuts through up to a inch and a half of stacked paper.
3).The blade is also easily replaceable. just take off a few screws and remove the blade when it needs to be ened.
4).Save time and energy when making many of the same cuts with this high quality cutter.

Detailed Images

858A3 Heavy duty manual paper guillotine paper cutter machine

Moveable fence for 858A3 17″ paper cutter

The moveable fence allows you to quickly cut multiple stacks at the same length. Simply tighten the fence in place and use it as a back-stop when needed.

Grid and ruler on metal board

We’ve also included a grid and rulers printed directly on the cutter base for quick-measuring rough cuts, great for making half-page flyers and postcards.

High speed steel balde for 17″ paper cutter

The hardened steel blade comes razor , but is also easily replaceable as it wears down over time. Professional knife ening services can bring life to old blades, or you can purchase new ones separately from SIGO.

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Stack cutters can cause serious harm if used improperly. We’ve included safety measures to reduce the risk of injury.
The blade is located to the far side of the clamp, which allows you to position paper on the left side without fear of being cut. The clamp acts as a barrier between you and the blade
Our safety pin mechanism holds the arm in the “up” position until you are ready. Release the safety by pushing the safety release button at the back of the cutter and the arm can be pulled down to complete the cut.


1.Rotate the clamp handle counter clockwise to lift the clamp.

2.Lift the balde handle to raise the blade to max. height, the rear safety button should engage.

3.Move the fence to your desired cutting length, and insert paper square against side and back fences.

4.Rotate the clamp handle clockwise to tighten the paper. It needs to be clamped very tightly to keep the paper from shifting while being cut.

5.Push the safety button while lowering the blade handle.

6.Firmly press the blade handle all the way down until the blade strikes the red cutting stick.

7.Raise the blade and clamp to remove your cut paper.


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